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All your data in one app

With anexio® you maintain all your system data in just one place: in anexio® Basis. You can access this master data from all software modules. This means you always have the latest database available for every application.

Get to know anexio®

Siemens partner product

The anexio® Data and Information module is an official

Siemens SIMATIC PCS neo add-on

for industry-specific processing, documentation, and visualization of operating data.

How you benefit

All your data in one application

You can maintain your system data in one application and access the same, up-to-date database from all modules.

Modern, intuitive interface

From parameterization to data analysis, you use one central application. Thanks to the uniform, intuitive operating concept, the training time for your employees is minimized.


anexio® offers you standard interfaces such as OPC UA for online process data and over 140 other interfaces for external systems, files, and databases. All are integrated directly right from the start.

Scalable modular system

The number of tasks and measurement points in the modules and the number of users can be expanded flexibly, according to your requirements.

Platform independence

No client installation necessary. Your data is available to you in the browser of your choice, regardless of location and device.


Benefit from our experience of over 30 years of successful software development in a unique product.