Data as a basis for action.

Acquiring data and using information

The motivation for using software for production data acquisition (PDA) is the need to process data for the purposes of process control, verification and optimization as well as to prepare and provide the data basis for the higher-level production planning and operations management level.

The Data and Information module enables the creation of production data acquisition systems, energy management systems and MES systems. Whether performance analyses, energy reports, batch tracking, quality analyses, key figure calculations, basic fault analyses or the evaluation of consumption and process data - a wide range of ready-made reports and analyses provide answers to essential management questions.

Full range of functions right from the start



  • Freely configurable dashboard
  • User and rights management
  • Database connection with free database for unlimited data storage
  • Data backup
  • Audit function for change tracking
  • Hierarchical definition of structures for managed objects
  • Import/export interface
  • Freely definable master data
  • Document management
  • Acquisition, processing and storage of manual data



  • Acquisition, processing and storage of data from external sources
  • OPC UA
  • OPC DA
  • Import: XML, CSV, SQL DB, TXT
  • further interfaces on request



  • Creation of analyses as diagrams and tables
  • Use of templates
  • Export of data in Office formats
  • Other formats on request
  • Customized corporate design possible



  • Intermediate storage in case of connection failure is part of the system
  • Connection of redundant data sources is a system component
  • Increased availability through a second anexio® server
  • Automatic data synchronization between both servers

Targeted data collection to evaluate and optimize your processes


With anexio® you can record data from a wide variety of sources, either cyclically or based on changes. In addition to manual data entry, more than 140 import formats are available to you.


Heterogeneous data sources generate heterogeneous data structures - anexio® has various pre-processing mechanisms that standardize these heterogeneous data structures in order to store them appropriately. For example, when processing meters or operating messages.


anexio® stores the manually or automatically recorded, pre-processed data in a central database. The indefinite storage enables long-term evaluations and comparisons of data series, and long-term archiving generates large volumes of data. Long-standing data is compressed using compression techniques in order to preserve it.


The user compiles ad-hoc evaluations based on representations such as diagrams and tables. This enables an immediate overview and comparison of different values and data series.


Reports are generated on the basis of templates or according to your or official specifications. You can send these or save them for the long term.

Your benefits at a glance


anexio® offers you standard interfaces such as OPC UA for online process data and over 140 other interfaces for external systems, files and databases. All are directly integrated right from the start.

Data storage

anexio® uses a free, high-performance time series database to store your data for an unlimited period.

One-click reports

Use your existing reports or templates from the system and let anexio® populate them with the data you need with just one click.


With anexio®, you can record data and calculate important key figures that you can use as a basis for process optimization.

Authorization system

Define roles to map the different user groups in your company. You assign access and editing rights from small users to super users.

Ad-hoc analyses

You can create spontaneous analyses and comparisons of data and performance indicators yourself in the application on the basis of tables or diagrams.

Siemens partner product

The anexio® Data and Information module is an official

Siemens SIMATIC PCS neo add-on

for industry-specific processing, documentation, and visualization of operating data.