Information as an instrument.

Data management in the energy cycle

Electricity, gases, heating, cooling, ventilation - the reliable and secure supply of companies and households is a complex task. It requires responsible and economical action that is geared towards long-term goals. In addition, there are legal requirements that need to be met. The basis for meeting these requirements is the efficient processing and presentation of information. This requires a powerful software system.

anexio® supports you in optimizing your use of resources. The software provides you with meaningful reports and meets the requirements of DIN EN ISO 50001. Detailed records and professional presentations of the generation and distribution processes serve as an essential basis for monitoring and decision-making and reveal opportunities for optimizing your processes. The information generated is your key to reliably supplying your customers around the clock every day.


  • Numerous interfaces enable the availability of all relevant data at a glance, such as forecast data and weather forecasts
  • Automatic analyses to fulfill your obligations to provide evidence, for example, to the German Federal Network Agency