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Energy analysis, monitoring and optimization

Energy is a significant cost factor in SMEs, large companies, public authorities and other organizations. In addition, customers, employees and investors increasingly expect energy resources to be used responsibly.

Complex and dynamic processes in companies often make a software solution to support energy management indispensable. Powerful energy management software links measurements, provides an overview of energy consumption and helps to identify potential savings. This is what anexio® was developed for. The data generated can be used to derive measures to permanently reduce energy consumption and continuously increase energy efficiency in the processes. The resulting cost reduction contributes to the competitiveness of your company.

The particular strength of anexio® lies in the large number of available interfaces. Measuring devices, data loggers and control systems from practically all manufacturers can be integrated into the energy management system. In addition to recording the data, anexio® also compresses the data into 1/4-hour, daily, monthly or annual values. The file-based import of data from energy suppliers is also possible, as is the input of manually recorded values.

With energy management in accordance with ISO 50001, you also benefit from the peak equalization of energy tax and peak equalization of electricity tax and from the reduction of the CO2 balance in the company.

You can implement your energy management in accordance with ISO 50001 with the Data and Informationmodule.

Your workflow for official verification


anexio® automatically acquires data from a wide variety of sources, such as measuring devices, data loggers, energy suppliers and fuel cards.


The recorded data is combined to calculate meaningful energy indicators.


To ensure that trends are recognized over long periods of time, anexio® stores the data for years.


The user creates ad-hoc evaluations based on representations such as diagrams and tables. With these overviews, you have continuous access to the current energy data, can identify deviations based on abnormal processes and intervene in the process to regulate them.


anexio® automatically fills in energy reports and outputs them in your company's corporate design. In accordance with the requirements of the ISO 50001 standard, you can then make the information available to all employees.

Highlights for your energy management

  • Master data and meter management
  • Tabular, graphical and periodic consumption analyses
  • Consumption curves with peak load detection
  • Calculation and visualization of industry-specific key figures
  • Output of reports in clear web, Excel or PDF format
  • Documentation in accordance with ISO 50001 as a prerequisite for tax concessions and peak equalization in accordance with Section 55 of the German Energy Tax Act (Energiesteuergesetz (EnergieStG)) and Section 10 of the German Electricity Tax Act (Stromsteuergesetz (StromStG))
  • Analysis and archiving of verifiable data
anexio® Product Manager
Nico Friedemann

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