Hoard your data treasures.

Data analysis and process optimization

Where is there potential for energy savings? How can you increase the quality of your products? Which factors have the greatest influence on your productivity? How can you avoid machine and system failures?

A look at your production facilities shows: A lot of data is generated every second. Sensors measure fill levels, temperatures or energy consumption in the production process, control systems collect information about the condition of your machines and systems, and employees note down maintenance details.

This data can be used to derive insights for optimizing your production. The prerequisite for this is that you collect your valuable data in a targeted manner, evaluate it intelligently and then process it as required. The information obtained reveals optimization potential and supports you in your decisions. This allows you to increase the efficiency of your production and reduce operating and maintenance costs.

anexio® supports you in the acquisition, processing, visualization, evaluation and documentation of process data, production data, energy data and operating data. Paired with the modules for processing daily operational tasks and maintenance work, anexio® combines all data and information in one application and supports you in exploiting your optimization opportunities. For your individual big data strategy.


  • Merging and processing data from heterogeneous sources to extract the most important information
  • Calculation of specific key figures, such as EnPI and other KPIs, as a basis for optimization decisions
  • Quick overview of the most important information at application startup on the freely configurable dashboard
  • Direct coupling to the production process enables event- and status-oriented work distribution and supports a defined workflow