Making maintenance and servicing simply digital.

Mobility, flexibility, and traceability for your maintenance

anexio® supports you in the planning, execution, documentation and evaluation of your maintenance processes. The workflow-based system enables mobile, flexible and verifiable work on different end devices.

Maintenance is a permanent cycle. With anexio® as maintenance software, this workflow is supported digitally and personal knowledge becomes available to the company. The mobile data concept makes it possible to combine different work processes such as scheduled maintenance, troubleshooting and recording measured values. The history of a system can also always be called up on the move from a maintenance perspective, and all values and documents are available on site.

Your maintenance is implemented with the work organization module.

Workflow-oriented maintenance planner with document management


The workflow begins with the planning of maintenance orders. Technical specifications, current process information or feedback from employees form the basis for the planning process.


You plan your tasks at your PC workstation or mobile device, taking all known information into account. Regularly planned and condition-oriented maintenance measures are supplemented with event-oriented maintenance and stored as an order in the system.


Orders and maintenance tasks are assigned to employees or maintenance teams. Whether electrician, mechanic, foreman or a specific shift - any role-related assignment is possible.


Employees accept orders and maintenance tasks on their tablet or smartphone. The mobile devices are synchronized via the company network, LAN, WLAN or mobile radio.


Once they arrive at the system, the operators start their maintenance tasks. They can log in via RFID, NFC or QR code for unmistakable and verifiable identification, as orders and activities are always assigned directly to a maintenance object.


The employees carry out their maintenance tasks on site, work through checklists and document their results by text, audio, video or photo.


Despite pre-planning the tasks, the system works autonomously. An employee can spontaneously create new jobs in the system during maintenance. All activities can also be carried out without a connection to the company network. Synchronization takes place later when a connection to the network is re-established.


Once maintenance is complete, the system synchronizes itself again. Whether at the head office, by mobile phone from the car or from the home office - as soon as there is a connection to the company network, processed orders and documentation are exchanged.


Once all the data and information has been updated, the planner can use reports and evaluations to obtain an overview of the status of the work and the status of the systems. Diagrams and tables are available for this purpose.

Future-oriented maintenance software and CMMS

  • mobile, paperless maintenance
  • efficient management of personnel
  • Centralized backup of personal system knowledge
  • event- and condition-oriented maintenance through direct coupling to the production process
  • Fast and wireless identification of systems via RFID, NFC or QR code
  • Posting of material consumptions in the process
  • Orders, checklists and documents available offline
  • Secure communication and verifiable documentation of required maintenance work
  • Evidence management with audio, video and photo documentation
  • Reporting enables in-depth analysis of the maintenance process

anexio® supports more than just operational work. In the medium term, we will be digitalizing the entire maintenance process and the system knowledge distributed around the company. We can also map the documentation for our Technical Safety Management (TSM) with anexio®.


We use the anexio® process data link for bidirectional data exchange with the process control system and operating data acquisition. Messages can generate maintenance orders and, conversely, water and electricity meter readings recorded via tablet are returned to the central system.

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