Use your data potential.

Increased efficiency and transparency in day-to-day operations

Data is known as the gold of the 21st century. And your data also holds great potential for your decisions in day-to-day operations and corporate management.

Machine terminals, measuring devices, barcode scanners, RFID technology, etc. provide you with all kinds of data on working times, production quantities, material consumption and other operational processes. With a system for production data acquisition (PDA) based on anexio®, you can make your data usable.

anexio® collects the data relevant to your company or your processes and processes, stores and visualizes it. This allows you to transfer data from a heterogeneous system landscape with data sources of different ages into a common system. Each user can compile their own evaluations, including compliance dashboards, from the data provided and generate useful information to optimize operational processes, use resources more efficiently, reduce costs or increase productivity.

A PDA system is based on the anexio® Data and Information module.

Your workflow


Your data is transferred from the process control system without user intervention. Manually recorded data can also be entered, for example during laboratory analyses. Data is recorded cyclically or on an event-driven basis.


Regardless of the process control system used, anexio® processes different data, such as binary data and statuses, analog values, counters and laboratory data. These are standardized and then stored homogeneously.


The recorded and processed data is stored in the system as raw values or summarized data for an unlimited period of time at your discretion. This provides you with sufficient data records for long-term analyses,
which you can edit at any time. They are stored in an audit-proof manner.

Visualization and reporting

anexio® visualizes the relevant data in the form of tables or diagrams. These evaluations are your basis for assessing your system using key figures. In addition, anexio® creates documentation according to individual specifications, providing you as the person responsible for the plant with an optimal basis for decision-making.


  • Customizable dashboard for a quick overview
  • Common data interfaces for export and import (OPC, OPC UA, CSV, ASCII, XML, ODBC, SQL and others on request)
  • Calculation of key figures (e.g., energy key figures, production key figures)
  • Long-term archiving (measured values, counter values, setpoints, states, imported values, derived values)
  • Free design of analyses with various elements (e.g., pointer instruments, line and bar charts, tables, etc.)
  • Automated creation and distribution of analyses enables information provision for employees without software access
  • Output in clear web, Excel or PDF format
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