One of Germany's first wastewater treatment plants was built in Siegen back in 1908. Since then, the technical possibilities have developed enormously. The growing complexity of the plants also poses new challenges for maintenance. Today, the Entsorgungsbetrieb waste management company of the city of Siegen (ESi) operates three wastewater treatment plants to treat the wastewater produced.

In order to meet the demanding maintenance tasks with efficient tools and processes, ESi invested in a digital maintenance management system for the Büdenholz wastewater treatment plant. BNA's anexio® software came out on top in the selection process.

BNA also worked closely with the client on this project. Together, the required maintenance events were defined and transferred to the system. All maintenance-relevant objects were created in an easy-to-understand object tree structure and their master data, such as images, manufacturers, makes and serial numbers, were entered into the new system on site by BNA. The final training course enabled the maintenance staff to use the full range of anexio® functions and integrate them into their day-to-day operations.

The powerful maintenance clients enable access to the stored knowledge about each integrated system, regardless of location and network. All information about the systems and their histories is available to employees on their mobile devices. The maintenance technician can now query and record data, document the system status or create new orders directly on site. This means that there is no need to manually transfer the collected information for documentation and verification purposes afterwards.

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