Wasser- und Abwasser-Verband Ilmenau (WAVI) is responsible for the safe discharge and treatment of wastewater throughout the association's area. This has grown to 27 towns and municipalities since the association was founded in 1993.

Software for the digitalization of maintenance was to be procured for the central wastewater treatment plant in Ilmenau in order to introduce state-of-the-art technology. WAVI commissioned BNA to implement a suitable maintenance solution. The introduction of anexio® at WAVI was a special assignment for BNA due to its proximity to the site.

WAVI and BNA worked closely together to successfully implement the digitization project, for example, by jointly developing the necessary maintenance tasks and preparing them for the software. A user-oriented training course taught the maintenance staff how anexio® works and how to use it, making a significant contribution to the successful integration of the software solution into everyday operations.

The use of anexio® has led to noticeable time savings in the preparation and documentation of maintenance tasks. All information is digitized and therefore available in a compact format. The data recorded during the processing of tasks can be utilized and transformed into valuable information.

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