The initial situation

After the first use of anexio® in customer projects, BN Automation AG (BNA) realized that paperless working brings great advantages. Previously, administrative and documentation tasks in the service business took up a lot of the technicians' and engineers' time. All maintenance work was planned manually using various Excel tools, reports were filled out by hand on site and then digitized so that they could be sent to the customer.

The goal

The declared aim of the digitalization project was to fully automate processes so that manual intervention is no longer necessary.

The implementation

Around 5,000 maintenance objects, including all maintenance logs and master data, were transferred from the Excel solution to the new system.

The high number of users required and different user rights posed a challenge. With the integrated option to distribute roles within the software and the individual assignment of administration and editing rights, each user was granted the necessary permissions. To introduce the many users to working with the software, role-based training courses were held that were tailored to the respective scope of authorization of technicians, project managers and administrators.

The result

Orders are now planned with software support, automatically created and assigned to the responsible maintenance technician. Without any additional manual effort, anexio® generates PDF maintenance reports in BNA's corporate design after the maintenance tasks have been completed, which are automatically forwarded to the customer as proof. An electronic signature is automatically added to each report due to the personalized user login. In addition to the service tasks on customer systems, BNA also uses anexio® to plan, carry out and document internal maintenance tasks, such as the regular inspection of storage racks required by occupational health and safety regulations. Today, around 60 users from the service, automation and IT departments manage more than 5,000 objects via 150 maintenance projects with anexio®. In 2019, 400 orders were completed and about 8,000 pages of paper were saved thanks to the purely digital solution—not to mention the 10% reduction in processing time for service orders.

The bottom line

”Maintenance of I&C and information technology on customer systems is carried out by specialized BNA service employees. In addition to the flawless execution of all service orders, the correct documentation of the work is of great importance to the respective client.”

Mike Eck, service technician and anexio® key user at BNA

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