The Zweckverband Mittleres Elstertal (ZVME)—an association of towns and municipalities in eastern Thuringia—is responsible for the joint fulfillment of municipal tasks in the areas of water supply and wastewater treatment. With 32 sewage treatment plants, three waterworks, several hundred special structures and over 2,000 km of sewer network, the ZVME is one of the largest associations in Thuringia. The area covered by the association and the large number of different technical plants and structures place high demands on the targeted planning, implementation and organization of operational management.

BNA was commissioned by ZVME to introduce a digital solution for maintenance management. BNA's anexio® software is used to plan maintenance and servicing operations centrally and in a specialist group-oriented manner at five workstations.

23 mobile devices help employees to carry out their tasks on site. A direct link between the control technology and the TIBS archiving and logging system enables the automatic generation of inspection and repair orders in the event of faults. Using the mobile phone connection, these orders can then be called promptly by the operating personnel during a field visit. All maintenance-relevant information is therefore permanently available online and offline, speeding up troubleshooting and all maintenance and repair work.

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