Documentation requirements, preventive maintenance and the organization of operating personnel are also a challenge for maintenance management at the Ansbach Water Management Office (WWA). The WWA looks after 124 municipalities and 420,000 inhabitants in Bavaria, as well as the Danube-Main transmission system. With four lakes covering an area of 30 km², five hydroelectric power plants and a total of more than 80 water management structures, the technical facilities are spread over many different locations. The inspection activities assigned by the Free State of Bavaria are carried out at regular intervals by specialist personnel from different teams.

The introduction of anexio® has created a company-wide standard for maintenance activities. The digital support helps employees to plan and organize assignments at the various locations. Tablets or smartphones are then used to process the inspection and maintenance measures on site. All relevant information, checklists and documents for an installation are available offline, even without a mobile phone connection.

The audio, video and photo function enables those responsible to meet their documentation obligations. Thanks to the evaluation mechanisms, the required operating report at the end of the year is created digitally and almost incidentally—a noticeable relief for all employees.

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