Knowledge about a technical system is usually spread across many employees, but is not centrally available. As an innovative company in the water and wastewater industry, Wasserwerke Sonneberg decided early on to digitize its plant knowledge. BNA ensured the implementation with anexio®.

In the drinking water sector—with 25 extraction plants, 2 waterworks and 68 water reservoirs—company-wide standards for the maintenance of plants and structures were initially developed. As a result of the restructuring of all processes, the existing data from the existing TIBS maintenance manager was successfully transferred to the new system. anexio® was then linked to the existing control technology and the TIBS archiving and logging system. Mobile water and electricity meter readings can now also be transferred directly to the TIBS operating data software without having to take the detour via pen and paper.

Paperless is the keyword: with digital support for their maintenance work on site, employees can now concentrate on the essentials—the smooth operation of the systems.

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