Operating wastewater treatment plants safely, with high availability and cost efficiency is a challenge that can only be mastered with optimum maintenance processes. To meet these requirements, anexio® was developed—software with a module for the planning, execution and documentation of operational maintenance.

Stadtentwässerung Peine commissioned BNA to implement a maintenance management system based on anexio®. As a municipally owned company, Stadtentwässerung Peine ensures safe and environmentally friendly wastewater disposal in the city center and the surrounding 14 towns in Peine. The operation also includes the comprehensive maintenance of all technical facilities from the sewer network to the wastewater treatment plant.

anexio® works with mobile devices and NFC/QR technology. Functions such as the secure identification of facilities, offline availability of documents and checklists or the audio, video and photo function support work directly on site and ensure legally compliant documentation. The connection to the system's online process data also enables condition- and event-based maintenance.

Stadtentwässerung Peine benefits from the digitalization of its system knowledge, speeding up troubleshooting, as well as maintenance and repair work. The employees are noticeably relieved and can concentrate on the essentials—ensuring the smooth operation of the system.

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