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In the future, you will find the predecessor product anexio® Maintenance in the Work Organization module. We are currently migrating and expanding the functions to provide you with an optimal user experience.

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Below you will find a preview of the new module.

Planning, implementation and documentation of your tasks

The work organization module supports maintenance and servicing, commissioning and inspections, measurements and readings as well as numerous other tasks and measures in day-to-day operations. The module combines useful functions on different end devices and is directly tailored to the workflow in the company.

All tasks are planned by the responsible employee on an order-oriented basis at the PC workstation in the office or via smartphone, tablet or laptop while on the move. When processing tasks on site, mobile devices with NFC/QR technology ensure the secure identification of systems and MCR points. Orders, checklists and documents are also available offline - without a connection to the company network. The audio, video and photo functions support verifiable documentation. The online process link enables condition and event-oriented task management.

This ensures the operational safety of your systems and optimizes your work processes.

Everything from the start



  • Freely configurable dashboard
  • User and rights management
  • Database connection with free database for unlimited data storage
  • Data backup
  • Audit function for change tracking
  • Hierarchical definition of structures for managed objects
  • Import/export interface
  • Freely definable master data
  • Document management
  • Acquisition, processing and storage of manual data



  • Creation of analyses as diagrams and tables
  • Use of templates
  • Export of data in Office formats
  • Other formats on request
  • Customized corporate design possible


Work Orders

  • Creation of tasks, checklists and cycles to match the created structure
  • Creation of orders from plannable and spontaneous tasks
  • Order distribution and control
  • Analysis of work orders

Special function for maintenance and service

Warehouse management

  • Management of article lists with stocks in warehouses
  • Assignment of articles to work tasks for withdrawal
  • Stock changes through posting
  • Picking lists
  • Import/export interface for ERP system (Microsoft NAV, other interfaces on request)

Workflow-oriented work organization


Work orders are planned at the start of the workflow. Technical specifications, current process information or feedback from employees form the basis for the planning process, and regularly planned and status-oriented measures are supplemented with event-oriented tasks and stored as orders in the system.


The planned jobs are assigned to individual employees or teams. Whether electrician, mechanic, foreman or a specific shift - any role-related assignment is possible.


Employees receive the orders on their tablet or smartphone. The mobile devices are synchronized via the company network, LAN, WLAN or mobile communications.


Employees start their planned work tasks on site. They can log in via RFID, NFC or QR code for unmistakable and verifiable identification, as orders and activities are always assigned directly to an object. The employees work through the stored checklists and document their results via text, audio, video or photo. The system knowledge stored in the application is always available to them, and if tasks are required spontaneously, employees can also create orders on site.


Once the work is complete, the system is synchronized again. Whether at the head office, by mobile phone from the car or from the home office - as soon as there is a connection to the company network, processed orders and documentation are exchanged.


Once all the data and information has been updated, the planner can use reports and evaluations to obtain an overview of the status of the work and the status of the systems. Diagrams and tables are available for this purpose.

Your benefits at a glance

Workflow orientation

Optimize your operational processes with the defined workflow support.

Secure communication

Synchronization is encrypted via LAN or WLAN in the company network or wirelessly.

Simple identification

Systems are identified quickly and wirelessly by RFID, NFC or QR code.

Mobile plant knowledge

Stored system knowledge is available to all employees immediately and is always up-to-date.

Verifiable documentation

Audio, video, and photo documentation enable reliable verification.

Process link

The direct link to the production process enables event- and status-oriented work organization.