The user

Wasserwerke Sonneberg waterworks (WW) is responsible for ensuring the proper supply of drinking water in the region. To ensure that raw water is turned into drinking water as everyone knows it from home and that it reaches all water extraction points in the supply area, WW maintains 25 extraction plants, 2 waterworks and 68 water reservoirs. The district's industry and approximately 54,000 inhabitants are connected to the WW supply network.

The challenge

WW had already initiated the first changes towards the digitalized maintenance of the water supply systems before the introduction of anexio®. For years, the planning, execution and documentation of maintenance and servicing tasks had no longer been carried out exclusively with pen and paper: Excel lists served as a maintenance overview, appointments were coordinated with Outlook, tours were planned manually and meter readings were managed with a PDA, a small portable computer. Nevertheless, there was a lack of modern mobile devices and systematic document management. The various processes and information could not be brought together and it was difficult to create an overall view of the maintenance situation.

This led to WW's desire for a comprehensive software solution to manage the operation of the water supply systems. The main focus here was on aquiring tasks and recording and analyzing data, as well as safeguarding system-specific knowledge.

The decision

WW and BN Automation AG (BNA) have already successfully implemented joint projects in the past. Motivated by the desire to modernize the maintenance processes, BNA presented the new software. In addition to the positive experience gained so far during the collaboration, the functional scope that anexio® can cover was the decisive factor in awarding the contract. The possibility of linking processes to BNA's Technical Information and Operating System (TIBS) reinforced the decision.

WW commissioned the implementation of anexio® for 2,000 maintenance objects in the water supply division.

The implementation

First, BNA drew up a specification sheet in which the solution approach developed to meet the requirements was presented. For the conversion of maintenance to anexio®, WW defined company-wide standards for the maintenance of all plants and structures. As a result of the restructuring of internal processes, BNA transferred the existing data from the existing TIBS maintenance manager to the new system. This was followed by the coupling of anexio® with the existing control technology and the TIBS archiving and logging system.

WW and BNA took the first steps with anexio® together: After the implementation, BNA accompanied the introduction of the software over several days. In addition, a software training course was held with all employees involved. Thanks to the intuitive usability of the maintenance software, all employees were able to use anexio® quickly and to its full extent. Only special questions required advice from the BNA software service.

The result

anexio® has visibly simplified the day-to-day work at WW. Before the introduction, the water manager had to compile all work tasks and the necessary measures on a daily basis and hand them over to the respective employees. With anexio®, defined criteria now specify exactly which activities are to be carried out when and how. Once stored in the system, no task is forgotten. From the orders that are due, anexio® develops a route plan that the employees work through accordingly. This has enabled WW to significantly streamline work processes.

In addition to the ease of use and simplified planning, WW appreciates the fact that every system is stored in detail and the entire system history is documented. With anexio® , the wealth of experience of long-standing employees can be stored permanently and called up as required. This makes it easier to train new colleagues who have not yet had much experience in their day-to-day work and gives them security until they have completed the necessary tasks one hundred percent.

For WW employees, it is important that they have all the information they need with them on the go using a terminal device and the anexio® mobile app. Orders, logs, operating instructions, work plans, spare parts lists and system photos are all available on the tablet or smartphone. You use anexio® to read electrical and water meters, for regular maintenance and inspections, as well as for damage reports and documentation and for ordering spare parts. The integrated functions for documenting the system status simplify its recording. Every employee can work on the maintenance objects on the move and without an internet connection.

Even after the orders have been carried out, there is significantly less work in the office. As the information is acquired digitally in the system from the outset, manual transfer is no longer necessary. As a result, a noticeable time saving has been achieved in the maintenance process. The detailed and clear reporting system of the maintenance software enables WW to comprehensively analyze all maintenance and master data. Information can be merged and analyzed with just a few clicks in anexio®.

The bottom line

Due to the positive experience with anexio® in the area of water supply, WW decided to also use the maintenance software for the operational management of wastewater treatment plants from 2019 on.

”We would choose anexio® again at any time! It would be impossible to complete our tasks to this level of quality without tools. This is essential for a certified company.”

Bernd Hubner, Technical Plant Manager, Wasserwerke Sonneberg

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