Digital service with anexio®.

Digital support for your service team

Let the work organization module support you and your service team in the planning, execution, documentation and evaluation of your service assignments.

In the software, you can digitally map your system master data or that of your service customers. The mobile data concept allows you to combine different work processes, such as scheduled assignments, fault rectification and spontaneous orders. The history of a system can also always be called up on the move from a service perspective, and all values and documents are always available on site.

Link all processes seamlessly and without media disruptions. This ensures smooth and streamlined processes in your service department. The workflow-based system enables you to work in a mobile, flexible and verifiable manner on different end devices.

Workflow-oriented service software

  • Mobile, paperless application
  • efficient management of personnel
  • Centralized backup of personal system knowledge
  • Event- and condition-oriented service orders through direct coupling to the production process
  • Fast and wireless identification of systems via RFID, NFC or QR code
  • Posting of material consumptions in the process
  • Orders, checklists and documents available offline
  • Secure communication and verifiable documentation of required controls
  • Evidence management with audio, video and photo documentation
  • Reporting system enables in-depth analysis of service assignments

Thanks to anexio® , I now work completely paperless with a tablet. The digital checklists for service tasks and automatically generated logs now save me 10% of my time - on site at the customer's premises and during follow-up in the office.

anexio® Product Manager
Nico Friedemann

If you have any questions about the product, I will be happy to answer them in person for you.

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